Escape to River Cottage

Courtney and I wanted to share some great DVD’s with all of you.  Courtney’s uncle let us borrow his collection of “Escape to River Cottage” to watch.  They are episodes from a British TV series where the main character, Hugh, leaves his city job to live a self sufficient life in the country.  I found this wikipedia article to help explain what he does.

If you checked the wikipedia article above, you now know that Hugh is also a celebrity chef.  As you all know, Courtney and I love to cook and eat and so this series was right up our alley.  I’d say about half of the time spent is showing how Hugh prepares and serves the food that he grows, gathers or barters with neighbors.

This is by no means a comprehensive ‘how to’ type of DVD.  It was entertaining and inspiring and provided a lot of ideas to Courtney and I as we thought about our future.

I don’t know how to find these DVD’s though.  We are giving ours back this week and so now my mission becomes tracking down the next two series, “Return to River Cottage” and “River Cottage Forever”.  Netflix doesn’t have them and I’m not sure where else to look and they are a little expensive to buy on Amazon.  There are a number of specials that they produced as well, such as “Christmas at River Cottage” and “Pig in a day”.  We did watch “Pig in a Day” which is about home hog butchery and was incredibly informative.

Thanks.  Robert.

One response to “Escape to River Cottage

  1. Robert @ hisandhershomesteading

    One more thing – be careful buying a British DVD. In terms of the electronic equipment, USA and Canada are considered Region 1 and Great Britain is Region 2. A DVD formatted for one will not work on the other, based on a description I read on a DVD listed on eBay. Or you need equipment that is specifically ‘multi-region’. We have the cheapest DVD player that Wal Mart offers, so I presume its not that technically advanced.

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