Foodie Heaven

Hi everyone.  We are back.  We took a little vacation to Northern California and had a wonderful time.  I was spoiled for the week with amazing food.  Some of the highlights were Pho soup from a little Vietnamese place, homemade chicken tacos, delicious frozen yogurt and berries but the best was out trip to Chez Panisse.  You heard right, I said Chez Panisse.  The Chez Panisse.  This has been a dream of mine for the past several years so you can imagine how excited I was to finally be going.  Let me tell you it lived up to my every expectation.  The food was perfect, everything we ate was perfect, the service was outstanding and the ambiance was homey and magical.  I got to try new foods too which is saying a lot since I am a food scientist by training and have had a broad exposure to many different foods.  Some new things I tried were rocket – it’s a lettuce like arugula, cardoon – it’s a vegetable that looks like celery, huckleberries – a berry from the Pacific Northwest that looks like a blueberry but is smaller and more tart.  All were delicious and fun to try new things.  All of this was thanks to Robert’s boss and his wife.  As a foodie I couldn’t be more thankful.


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