Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies

You may have remembered me mentioning the puppies in the backyard that Cowboy is obsessed about…well here they are.

These are German Shepherd puppies and not just any German Shepherd puppies they are straight back German Shepherds.  Which means that they don’t have the sloped back legs like a lot of the German Shepherds you see.  Plus to make them even more German they come from a German owner, yep she’s from Germany.  She told us that the sloped back legs was inspired by Hitler to make the dogs look more aggressive.  As you may know German Shepherds have gotten a bad reputation for being aggressive.  Well a lot of people are going back to the old German stock which isn’t aggressive and those that don’t have the sloped back legs.  I can’t say if Cinder (the mama dog) is from Germany though, something I will ask.

Let me tell you a bit about the mama.  She’s a dream dog.  The kind of dog that when we get home and Cowboy’s been a bad dog we say “Why can’t you be more like Cinder (pronounced Cinda with the German accent)”  She is usually off lease in the front yard, never runs away, always comes when called and is not at aggressive.  Let me repeat that she is not at all aggressive.  In fact there is an aggressive dog down the street that has bullied Cowboy and Cinder and neither dog retaliated they just acted on the defensive.  Towards guests she is kind and friendly, protective of her pups but a little attention at the door and she lets her guard down.

Cinder is also a big dog.  She gets to go on lots of hikes, bike rides and walks.  She’s not that interested in playing ball or digging holes for that matter.  She has good manners though, I asked how hard it was to train her and her owner looked at me and said, I didn’t train her, she’s always been like this.  What?! Cowboy constantly has us on our toes trying to outwit him during training and she didn’t even need to be trained…sigh.

Okay so on to the puppies, they are all different colors, so cool.  And did I mention that there are 11!!  There are a few all black – wow that’s rare.  There are a few black with a little tiny white patch on their chest.  Some have the silver coloring, with varying amounts.  Oh and they are AKC registered.  But most of all they are all so adorable.  We came during dinner time today and they were so messy.  It was so much fun.

So the puppies are 4 weeks old – born on Christmas day!  If you are interested in the puppies as I am sure some of you will be, feel free to leave a comment or contact us we’ll get you to the right people.  We’ll try to post more pictures of these cuties as they grow.


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