Deals to be had at Rite-Aid

So as you can see on my sidebar I follow a blog called 100 dollars a month.  Her family of four is trying to live off of a $100 a month budget for, get this, all their food and toiletries.  I find this fascinating because my food bill is way too high.  Robert would just love if we only spent $100 a month on food.  I think he would even let me splurge on the personal items if I could do $100 on food.  What am I saying, $200 a month on food would make him happy.

So anyways she shares little tips on freebies and coupon clipping.  And here’s one she shared last week and I tried it out.  It actually works.  Rite Aid is apparently the coupon clippers hidden dream store.  They have lots of deals with their Wellness+ member card.  The current deal is if you spend $100 in items marked with a Wellness + then you get a $20 coupon.  The coupon can be used for anything, it’s like cash.  Okay I think there are limits, no alcohol, stuff like that.  But here’s the catch it ends on January 22nd.

Over the last few days I have been compiling my list of grocery items and I went to Rite Aid to try out this deal.  Since I am new it took me 4 purchases to actually get to the $100 mark because everything kept being on sale, terrible I know.  But I hit it and got my $20 coupon.  Everything I bought was necessary (diapers accounted for $40 of the purchase – I use them at night and on trips) too.

All in all I ended up spending about $120 and I got $40 in coupons back.  How did I get $40 in coupons, well they have other deals too, for instance if you buy $20 worth of Burt’s Bees products (baby uses these) then you get a $5 coupon.  Sweet, huh?  Plus almost every item I bought was on sale – Barilla Pasta 97 cents, brown rice – $1.97.  Which means that my $120 brought home a minivan full of groceries.

Now I think I am going to try to get my son a new educational DVD or something like that, with my coupons.  Yippee.  I love free stuff.  Thanks Mavis at 100 dollars a month for your diligent deal research.  Hurry cause the deal ends on January 22nd.  By the way if you have any more questions don’t try to ask the nice people at Rite Aid because they seem to be clueless, just go check out Mavis’ blog for all the juicy details.



5 responses to “Deals to be had at Rite-Aid

  1. Way to go!! Be sure and watch the Rite Aid videos for even more coupons… You can stack the right aid coupons and the manufacture coupons for some pretty awesome deals! I watch the video’s once a month while watching myth busters with my son (I multi-task well)

  2. Courtney — I’ve just recently gotten into couponing and man, you can really get in deep if you want to. We don’t have RiteAids near us, but we do have Walgreens and CVS stores. Just as a teaser, this is what I managed to get this week from Walgreens: $175 worth of products for $27 out of my wallet. And these are all things that I do need (sharpies, pantiliners, dayquil and nyquil, razors, shaving cream, etc). You might check out as well — that’s where I find out about all the deals at the various drug stores. Here’s the link to the RiteAid post for this week:

    Good luck! Couponing can be frustrating at times but also fun and addictive.

  3. Robert @ hisandhershomesteading

    For the record – sentence five of paragraph one is pure speculation. Love you baby! -Robert

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