How to Thread Elastic (or Drawstring) Through a Casing

For Halloween we (my mom and I) made my son’s dinosaur costume.  It was fantastic but the slippers that we made with it were the biggest hit.  It’s taken me since Halloween but I have finally made another pair of slippers.  Thomas the train slippers.  Of course I used a pattern, Simplicity 2506 (if you were wondering). I am not skilled enough to sew without a pattern.  But when I came to one step I realized more instructions were needed than what they provided.  The instruction said “Insert elastic through opening in one end of cuff casing.”  That is pretty vague.  I have some experience threading elastic, cords, etc, so I thought I would put together a mini tutorial.  This can also be used to thread a drawstring through pants or a cord through the hood of a sweatshirt.  Plus check out my cool shoes  I made.

1.  Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic.  Close pin.

2.  Attach another safety pin to the opposite end of the piece of elastic.  This time attach it to the end of the casing too.

3.  Push the saftey pin (from step one) through the casing using the stiffness of the pin to push your way through. 

5.  Pull the safety pin out, open the pin and secure through all layers of the fabric.  The fabric will be bunched up, that’s supposed to happen.

6.  Return to the other safety pin, open pin and secure through all layer of the fabric.  If you were threading a drawstring through pants or a cord through a hood you would be finished.

7.  Now you’re ready to sew it closed.  I just sew carefully with my safety pin in place.  If I undo the pin it will shrink back inside the casing, not good.

That’s it – you’re done. For me it was a few more steps but here’s the finished shoes. 

My son loves them.  I made them so that he can see the face of Thomas on the top of his feet.  When he looks down at them he smiles and giggles.

One response to “How to Thread Elastic (or Drawstring) Through a Casing

  1. Benny Menahem

    your a legend! got me through a lot of sleepless nights.

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