Up close and Personal with the Rose Parade Floats

If you’ve never heard of the Rose Parade then you probably haven’t turned on your television on January 1st where it plays all day long.  My family growing up loved the parade because we are huge flower fans.  It’s like a flower lovers dream.  Well this year we decided to brave the So Cal freezing cold (50°F, although at times it dipped to 45°F) and rain (it sprinkled for 5 minutes) and see these floats up close and personal.

We did have a nice time and recommend the trip to others, especially if you love flowers.  But my point in writing this post was to also share a picture of myself.  We have been meaning to put one up but couldn’t find a shot where I was alone.  Well here it is.  And appropriately next to my favorite float.  (Those tiles are all made of statice and rice that was chopped in a blender- Ahhmazing)


4 responses to “Up close and Personal with the Rose Parade Floats

  1. Harold Dean

    We lived in Southern California for 25 years and several years running when the children were in their early teens they went with our local church group to Pasadena the day before and staked out a spot to spend overnight. Since they were a church group and so identified, the cops left them alone. I doubt if you could do that anymore. Harold

  2. Courtney! I love the Rose Parade, it is on my list of things to do. 🙂 We were in Disneyland this year during the last week of the year and we met several of the football players from both Texas Christian and Wisconsin. It was so fun! We also saw the Rose Queen and her court near Space Mountain. I am inspired to start watching college football to get geared up for our turn to watch the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl!

  3. Being at Disneyland, that sounds like fun. You should definitely go see the floats or camp out on the street and see the parade. It’s a lot of fun.

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