Cutting Your Toddler’s Hair: Can it be done?

Well the answer is yes.  I am happy to inform you that I can now add barber to my list of accomplishments.  My toddler son was much overdue on his latest haircut.  It seems that they need a haircut every other month, who knew.  I came from a house of girls where we didn’t dare cut our own hair, except for trimming our bangs every once and while and that rarely turned out well.  I’m just not used to boys and especially not used to their hair cutting needs.  But I am now.

A few years ago Robert started shaving his head to save money.  That’s right, that was his only reason for completely changing his hairstyle.  He bought some clippers and did it himself (I do have to do the final inspection to make sure that he didn’t miss any patches).  When our son needed his first haircut (he had a funny looking mullet in the back) we went to Walmart (we were desperate) and then for his second cut I had my hairdresser give him a proper haircut.  But I found out that haircuts are expensive for babies too.  Not sure what I was thinking here, I am sure babies are 10x harder to work with than men because they do all that squirming and whining (the babies I mean).  So anyways a haircut costs at least $10 a pop plus tip, that’s at least $75 a year for a baby’s haircut.  I knew that money could be better spent on something else so I gave it a try myself.

It was a success.  It took about an hour though, so I had to find lots of things to amuse him.  I set him on the toilet and gave him all the goodies around the sink that he’s not allowed to play with.  Then I had him stand up and play with new goodies as I did the back.  I had no idea what I was doing but I just pretended and mimicked what I had seen my hairdresser do.  She gets it a little wet, then pulls a vertical section of hair between her fingers and makes a cut right at her fingers.  I even had some little hair scissors that I used to use to trim my bangs.  It all worked perfectly.  It was easy to see where I had lopsided areas or not enough layering.  I just kept going around his head and evening out sections.  I think the finished product looks pretty good.  And saved us 10 bucks.  Although I did have to throw away all the cotton balls he flung across the bathroom.  So I guess it cost a handful of cotton balls, but still pretty good.

You should give it a try.  But make sure you wait until after any holidays or birthdays like I did, just in case.  Good luck.


One response to “Cutting Your Toddler’s Hair: Can it be done?

  1. How about some pics of this new hair do?!

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