A New Year, A New Set of Goals

Now that’s it’s officially 2011 I think it’s time I write down some of my goals for this homesteading year.  I am not usually one to make resolutions or goals but I was feeling a little envious of everyone else’s posts on the subject.

1.  Find a homestead and make it a home, then make it a homestead

2. Learn how to shoot a gun.  Robert has been bugging me about this since we got married and we just never have gotten around to it.  But I think it is important to know how to do this for myself.  I want to feel comfortable using a gun for whatever the situation but most likely protecting our animals from predators.

3.  Learn to make cheese.  I have failed at this 3 times, there was tears, promises that I would never try again, but this is the year.

4.  Thin my seedlings.  I have the hardest time with this but after seeing a crammed garden last year, it’s a must.

5.  Start my own sourdough yeast starter.  I bake a lot of bread but haven’t ventured into sourdoughs because I wanted to master yeast first.  Well I can’t say I have mastered yeast breads but I am ready for the next challenge.

6.  Save more seeds or barter seeds so next year I am completely self sufficient.

7.  Spend more time in God’s word as a family.  Incorporating a reading into our family dinner time is my first goal.

8.  Work to make our blog something really useful and special and get to know my readers.

I am sure there are more but I think this is a pretty good start.


5 responses to “A New Year, A New Set of Goals

  1. Jean Krachenfels

    Courtney, I had no idea you were such a pioneer woman. Go girl, go. Here’s something you didn’t know about me. Growing up in NJ and living in my grandparent’s house (which they built when they came from Italy), my grandfather was a goat herder and sold goat’s milk and ricotta cheese. Always a herd of goats in my backyard and barn area. My grandfather would be very impressed to know that herds of goats are hired here in California (www.goatsrus.com) to stay on a hillside for a week at a time to clear the hill of unwanted grass. I’ll have to check the website to see if it is correct.

  2. Harold Dean

    I think learning to play a musical instrument is one way of bringing peace and contentment along with observing and living Gods word. Countless hours I have spent through the years when were it not for my ability to play, I would have slipped into a depression that would have been difficult to pull out of. After all these years with Gods help and this ability I have learned to overcome this problem. Harold

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