Minky Baby Blanket with Perfect Mitered Corners

Last week during the rush of Christmas I decided to make a baby blanket.  Crazy I know, but guess what, it was a success.  It wasn’t my first attempt at mitered corners.  But I was determined to find a tutorial to help make perfect corners.

The blankey is the kind you find in those fancy-shmancy boutique stores.  I found an amazing tutorial online from a fellow blogger PinkSuedeShoe.   Her’s is a little different, it’s with flannel and it’s monogrammed but the mitered corners are pure genius and the tips along the way to get everything straight were perfect.  I had one of those moments were I wanted to reach into my computer and give her a bug hug.  So instead of a hug I thought I would give her the credit here on my blog.

I have never come across a tutorial for this kind of blanket, in fact I didn’t even know what it was called for the longest time.  FYI – they are called self binding blankets.  That means the binding wraps all the way to the front.

I have tried making other minky blankets but never self binding and never with mitered corners like this.Can you believe how straight that is?  I just can’t get over it.  I love it.  Go quick and follow all of her tips, Monogrammed Baby Blanket with Mitered Corners.

Here’s what I did to make it a lovey (small handheld blankey):

  • Center piece is 10 1/2″ square (cut using a square ruler- worked brilliantly I might add) from polka dot minky fabric from Joann’s
  • Binding/Backing is 20 1/2″ square (cut rather painstakingly because I didn’t have a square ruler) from flannel backed satin from Joann’s.  This fabric was hard for me to find.  Look in the section near the flannels and plush fabrics not by the dress making supplies.

When working with the polka dot minky be extra careful to keep everything straight.  Try not to pull on it too much and don’t iron it.  I ironed out the dots on one piece.  That was bad.  But do iron the satin, it is wiggly and needs some help staying in place.

Have fun and give it a try. Thanks PinkSuede Shoe for the tutorial.


7 responses to “Minky Baby Blanket with Perfect Mitered Corners

  1. Very nice! I made some minky fabric bibs for my sisters baby shower… she LOVED them… not the most practical thing… but cute as can be.

  2. Great job on those mitered corners! You are a professional 🙂

  3. Oh you are so sweet! Your blanket turned out fantastically! I’m so glad that you got your corners right. I made one of these a few weeks ago and mitered my corners the right way, which turned my blanket into a cube. Oops. I’ll have to look for that flannel backed satin, that sounds awesome! I wonder if you starched it if it would be a little easier to sew with?

    • I know the feeling. I had a lot of oops with my trial blankets. They were okay but not like this blue one, I sent them on as gifts anyways. now I wish I could send them some new ones. But babies don’t care I suppose. I never thought about startching it but I think I will try that, maybe on the flannel side so that it doesn’t leave any spots. Spray starch you mean, right? Thanks for the tip.

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