The benefits of a rainy So Cal

As you know we live in So Cal where it rains approximately once every 3 years.  No really it’s true.  I like to tell the story about my sister, she was born in a drought and didn’t see rain until she was 3.  She said to my mom, “mommy what is this?”   We Californians just do not know what to do with ourselves when it rains.  Most people stay inside and refuse to get their cars wet.  But if they do decide to brave the storm of the century (as the newscasters call each storm) they just drive like normal, no slowing down, no lights on, nope just same old 90 miles an hour in the fastlane.  You really can’t blame them though, they get maybe two chances a year to practice driving while the roads are wet and one of those includes when the sprinkler system at the nearby driving range broke and water flooded into the street.  But mostly Californians complain.  They complain about how cold they are, how dreary it looks, “where’s the sun?” they say, how dirty there cars are getting, etc, etc.  So that’s why I am doing the exact opposite.  As you may have heard we have had rain for days (that’s a big deal ) and I have had some time to reflect on some of the benefits of the rain.

So on to my point.  Here are some of the benefits to rain in this dry desert.  First of all it is a great time to go to the post office.   Unlike everyone else I like to go out in the rain.  Besides, I have a license plate from back east so I feel like I know what I am doing driving in the rain (I don’t, I am from California remember).  Since no one goes out in the rain it is a great time to run errands, the post office was empty last week when I stopped by in the rain.

After you have finished all your errands in a rather empty Walmart you can come home and do absolutely nothing.  Rain is a perfect excuse to be lazy.  Even as a busy homesteader I like to sit on the couch, watch Elf, eat nachos and watch my son spread every toy he has all over the living room.  You might even be able to recruit some family members to join you because it is not uncommon for people to take the day off when it rains.

If you were prepared you could even collect your rainwater to water your garden in the summer.  I wish we were prepared.

You can actually talk about the weather like folks in the rest of the country.  Californians don’t discuss the weather because there is nothing to discuss, it is always the same, sunny and warm.  But now you can and it’s kinda fun to get wrapped up in the rainfall totals, and flash flood warning for your area.  I like to say to the cashier at Trader Joe’s “how about this weather, can you believe it?”

We used this storm system as a good excuse to check on our emergency supplies and make sure that we had all the supplies we needed and that we had some extra food on hand.  We did pretty good but forgot to buy some wood.  Next time I’d like to have wood on hand in case we lost electricity and had no heater.  Robert looked at me like I was crazy though because it’s 55°F outside and he finds the idea of purchasing wood to be insane.  Apparently he grew up with forest in his backyard instead of a concrete slab and a pool.

And maybe the best thing about the rain is that babies sleep longer with the soothing pitter patter on their windows, mine slept for 3 1/2 hours yesterday  I had to wake him up from that record nap.


One response to “The benefits of a rainy So Cal

  1. Harold Dean

    25 years of living in Southern California, 14 in the Sun Valley area and 11 in the Antelope VAlley at Quartz Hill and I will admit that we don’t often have either rain or snow, but when it does, watch out! In Sun Valley we had over the years 4 really good rains I remember well with extensive flooding, forever changing the appearance of the Hansen Dam and Tujunga Canyon area and washing out mountain roads above Glendale requiring a tortuous detour that still had not been resolved upon our departure in 1991. And then there were the two drastic snowfalls in the Antelope Valley, both from storms that came in from the WEst, reversed course around San Bernandino and really plastered us with over 3 feet of wet heavy snow from the East. One of them I remember started just as we got up and by the time breakfast was finished we were snowed in. At Quartz Hill where the LA county equipment yard was, they took the equipment and plowed both Lancaster and Palmdale first because they paid LA county for this service and since Quartz Hill was unincorportaed (due to paid off county councilmen) we were dead last on the list. Like three days the last time. Yes I remember Southern California quite well and while I loved my time there, the changes both in political, economical and populational have given me no desire to ever return. Harold Dean

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