More Christmas Drink Coasters

This weekend my mom decided to make a set of coasters for friends and family members on her list.  One set turned into 7!  She made so many I had to show you them here.  Look at this.


For the complete instructions check out my other post: Homemade Drink Coasters for an Inexpensive Christmas Gift

That’s 7 sets of 8 coasters.  It did take her most of the afternoon and early evening but that’s 8 gifts.  I think she spent at total of $14 on the fabric.  With leftover fabric too.  Here’s some more pictures of her work.

The two green in the center have white felt in the center, the others have red felt in the center.  My mom also used gold thread on one of the sets.  She said the thread was hard to work with, it broke a lot but it does look really pretty.

She also used a zig-zag stitch.  Which turned out really nice.  And I forgot to mention in my first post but you should iron them as well.  It makes them look really professional once they are all flattened out.  Thanks mom for letting us share your work.


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