Homemade Drink Coasters for an Inexpensive Hostess Gift

Alrighty now if you are like me you are short on cash but you still feel the need to follow that silly rule where you should never show up empty-handed to a party.  And if you have already exhausted the potted flower idea and feel too cheap bring 2 buck chuck then here’s an idea for you.  Just pull out your fabric (or if you are like me, it’s already spread across your dining room table), carve out a couple of hours and you’re ready to impress your next holiday hostess.

Makes 8 coasters

Gather up these supplies:

1/2 yard fabric (holiday fabric or any cute print).  I’m being generous here, but just in case you have some mishaps (speaking from experience).

1/4 yard coordinating felt

Thread (coordinating color)

4 1/2″ square ruler

Ruler (Any old ruler will do)

Rotary cutter with pinking blade (pinking shears will work too but are not as precise as the rotary cutter)

1. Align fabric and make first cut on full length of fabric.  This will serve as one edge of the coaster.  Remember the pinking blade is less forgiving than the regular blade.  When you are cutting be sure to align the notches already cut into the fabric with the notches on the blade.

2. Now for the second cut place both rulers on the fabric.  You will be using the 4 1/2″ square ruler as a measurement guide only, remove the 4 1/2″ square ruler and make the cut using the larger ruler.  (see picture)

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 using the felt this time.

4.  Now you should have two strips of fabric, one patterned and one felt.  Carefully align the fabric and felt and position your 4 1/2″ ruler on the fabric.  Don’t worry about sandwiching it yet, just make sure the notches match up.  They match up surprising well too.

5.  Now cut on each side of the square ruler.  You should be able to get 4 squares from this one length of fabric.

6. You will need to repeat everything up to this point to get 8 squares.

7. For the sandwiching.  I found it easiest to peel off the top piece of fabric and put it directly on the bottom of the sandwich in the same orientation.  This way all your notches will match up.  These little guys work like puzzle pieces so keep everything organized as you work.

8. Then pin away.  Use as many pins as you can cause these things wiggle when you’re sewing.  It took me about 3 coasters to figure this out, trust me here.

9. Sew with whatever seam allowance you want.  I used between 1/4″ and 1/2″ allowance but mainly I used the edge as a guide and didn’t worry too much.

10.  Now tie up like a present and you’re done.  A great gift that’s also useful.

Plus it would be easy to add some flare and make them a but more snazzy.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you’d add.  Check out some other coasters that my mom made on this post: More Christmas Drink Coasters


2 responses to “Homemade Drink Coasters for an Inexpensive Hostess Gift

  1. So cute and clever….just like your mom

  2. Hi Courtney,
    Today at Williams-Sonoma I saw a stack of 4 fabric Christmas coasters for $20 and they were not even lined. I quickly remembered your post on these adorable little gifts from last year. So, I ran home and went through my Christmas fabric and had to pull up your blog right away to get your directions. So, THANK YOU for your post last year it is really helping me out right now 🙂

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