His and Hers Begins

Just a little about us before we get started, or before we have time to write our “About Us” page.  We are a young married couple with a desire to share our adventure.  That being, living as homesteaders.  Currently we don’t live on a homestead but we thought that sharing our journey should begin with finding a homestead, which is #1 on my husband’s To-Do list.  We like to think of ourselves as homesteading at heart because we live in the city.  Even still we manage to employ homesteading principles in our daily lives.  Canning apples our friend gave us, using cloth diapers and hanging them on the line, planting a winter garden and trying out covered hoops, reading every book possible about farming and DIY, building a chicken plucker in the garage, and saving seeds from everything are how we spend our time.  We do all these crazy things because this way of life brings us satisfaction and we think it will do the same for you.  We want this blog to be a place where you can give and get ideas and instructions, read about failed attempts, and laugh as you share our journey with us.

Stay tuned for our weekend post – Homemade tamales


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